Our services includes installation and commission water supply system, drainage system, pressurized system, external rain water systems, external irrigation & sprinkler system.
SEL offers following services to its clients;

Drainage system
  • Storm water system.
  • Sanitary drainage system.
  • Swimming pool and fountain drainage system.
  • SPA (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Vichy, treatment room etc.) drainage system.
  • Commercial kitchen/laundry drainage system.
  • Pressurized drainage system.
  • Waste water drainage system.
  • Road drainage system.
  • Sub soil/Garden drainage system.
  • Drainage pumping station.

Water supply system
  • Water supply treatment plant room.
  • Domestic cold and hot water systems.
  • Extreme hot water distribution systems.
  • Swimming pool and fountain water distribution system.
  • SPA (Jacuzzi, Sauna, Vichy, treatment room etc.) water distribution system.
  • Commercial kitchen/laundry water distribution system.
  • External irrigation system.
  • Garden sprinkler system.
  • Water supply pumping station.